Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's the Music that we Choose.

Ooh! This song just came by on iTunes and I thought: I must make a blog, just to introduce you to this great song by Claw Boys Claw. [The video isn't that great, though..]


It's a Dutch band. Great in the 70s.
They made their comeback in 2007 and my uncle knows the drummer. Live, they're just as great as 30 years ago.
And I just love their song 'Rosie' [I don't know many more songs by them =P].

Whohoo!!! FI-NA-LLY!

Happy holidays from me, y'all. ^^

[It's me in the ball. ^^]

Getting on with music..

Another cool song. It's by the Pierces.

Sticks & Stones

I think this video is a bit anoying in the beginning [the way they sing into the camera: it's just too much..], but at the end, there [finally!] is some kind of clue.
They are wearing great dresses, though. =]

And here's some Brand New for you.
I have enjoyed listening to it, lately. Especially this song:

Flying at tree Level:

Oh! I just came accidentally across this:

London Blackmarket - Checkmate.

I adooooooore the filming and the dude at 0.29 mins looks exactly like Bob Dylan 30 years ago.
The song isn't that bad either..

I'm just going to watch some cultural/historical justified television now: Elisabeth I.
Yesterday CANVAS (Belgian television) broadcasted it. I watched it some time, but I was too tired and went to bed. So I taped it and now I'm going to finish watching it.
Next Saturday the second half of the film/series is being broadcasted.
I strongly recommend. ;)
It's a film about Queen Elisabeth and it gives a great idea of what life was like for a queen in the late middle ages.

Llov&Peace on earth.