Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Good, I'm Gone.

Throughout the whole day I have been playing this song by Lykke Li.
I'm Good, I'm Gone.
I've been playing it on iTunes, on my iPod and in my head.
It's a nice song and its lyrics (not the title) are pretty applicable to me.

"I'm working a sweat, but it's all good
Breaking my back but it's all good
'Cause I know i'll get it back
Yeah, I know your hands will clap


And if you say I'm not okay with miles to go
If you say there ain't no way that I could know
If you say I aim too high from down below."

With my whole therapy shizzle and stuff, I'm breaking my back, but it's all good, because I know what I am doing it for and I know that I will recover in the end.
It's funny. The link with this song occured to me at random.

Anyway, I love the video for this tune. It's odd.

I really like this kind of absurd videos.

Hmm.., I haven't really been posting much lately.
There's a reason for it. It's because I had some rough days. Therapy was very heavy Thursday. Very confronting and it kind of knocked me off my feet. Thursday and Friday I was very sad and I just needed some time.
Besides, I'm not going to bore you all with how bad I feel. I have friends for that. ;P

Anyway, my mum cheered me up a little by taking me to Utrecht. We have been sipping coffee @ the Bijenkorf for ages while having a good conversation which very much relieved me. Then we just wondered about in Utrecht and we did some shopping.
I bought this scarf:

I made this shot by accident, but it's pretty funny, actually.
Yeah, I put some effects on it. Ghehe.

And here's a shot that's NOT made on purpose. You can see what my hair is like when I just washed and straightened it: FUZZY!!!! XD

What else did I buy??
Yeah, I bought a new bra! ^^
Ooh lala!
And yes, I made pictures of it.
But I'm doubting whether I should put them here.

Oh hell! I'll just upload them! They're "censured" anyway. xD
And the bra's too cute, not to show you.
It has little buttons!! ^^ Haha!

Whahaha! I put some effects on it out of shame. It's not very striking, but anyway.. XD
Do not ever think that I will take off my clothes at random! Not for anybody. I'm not that easy and I'm also not a slut. [But then this picture would have looked different. xD]
Just to clarify: this piture doesn't say anything about me as a person.
Only about the fact that I like this bra and i want to share it with you. =P

And that was all for yesterday..

Today, I woke up and I felt very happy. I have been alone all day and I was looking forward to that for quite some time.
I felt so happy that I was dancing all morning on the Good, the Bad and the Queen. After making the previous picture, I put on my big, starry, masculine sweater and danced around and around my room. Of course I kept on making pictures so you can enjoy my joy. ;P

My outfit wasn't very special today. It was relaxation day, so it ment relaxation clothes.
Sweater by America Today [sale, ghehe].
Jeans - CoolCat.
Bra - HEMA.
Vest - H&M (see 2nd picture of this post)..

So, I was home alone, but my dog remained at home because she was ill. It's some kind of a dog flu or somethng... She looks so sad and tired all day. Aww! =(

But, ghehe, sadistic as I am, I took an advantage of her and made some pictures of her.

Aww.., isn't she pitiful?

Back to happier things! Hmm.., let me think..

OK, it came by post on Wednesday, but I am still very pleased with it!!!! =D

No, it's not able to take pictures yet. I bought the wrong negatives. Studpid me..

Last but not least: OMG!!! She looks so freaking cool!! <33>

I came across this picture at The Satorialist's (<<>
I still need to tell you about my important philosophy class which I brought up Wednesday..
I guess I'm gonna do that tomorrow, because nothing will be going on then..

Llov&Peace on earht.