Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Everything was avarage today..

What to do if a day's just a day?
A random day.
At school.
If it was just a nice day.
What to write then?

Hmm.., what struck to me today?
Appearantly, many teachers are
getting ill these days.
Nervous breakdowns, sleeping disorders 'nd s
tuff.. No, I'm not gonna give you any names.

What else was on my mind..?

Oh yeah! Speaking of sleeping disorders:
I finally got some sleeping pills recommended! Gosh, I have been dying for them!
Normally I don't really dig medica
tion, but I've tried - I believe - everything and still I can't seem to get to sleep. So I'm anxious to see whether these pills will help.
I decided to let them star in a mini photo shoot. =P

Ta-dah! This is 'em!

Err.., for the rest: this is what I wore today.

Shirt - I [heart] NY.
Cardigan - America Today.
Skirt - H&M.
Legging - H&M.
Shoes - Via Vai.
Necklace - found on the street.

But it didn't exactly look how I wanted it to. In my rush, I forgot to grab my glasses this morging.

Either way, I can't keep the sum of it away from you, so here it is anyway! ;)

Glasses - Britain

Ooh! Nice song! Dunno what it is..
Empty Space by Air Traffic.
I like. Hadn't heard it on my PC, but appareantly I have it.. =D

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's all.
Got to get that flat iron out of my closet so I can get rid of my rotten curls.

Llov&Peace on earth.