Sunday, December 07, 2008

Doing nothing saves my Soul.

At least, I tried to do some things that might matter.
I did some work for therapy, made some homework, read my book and tried to learn for Dutch Literature.
For the rest of the day I thought of some nice things to do for this blog [wait and see ^^], I did some useless surfing, but I came across some very cool stuffs [i know that's not a word] and blogs, which gave a lot of inspiration!
I'm planning to go on a second hand shopping trip in Amsterdam with Charissa in the Christmas holiday and I was just looking for some shops.
But I was also doing up some inspiration at TopShop [funny fact: i came across a cardigan I have bought myself this summer in Edinburgh!]. Damn.., their collection is AbFab! I wish I could buy everything from that shop!
Well.., in the end - i know - that's not gonna make me happy.
But some items reminded me of some shirts from Sustilo.
It's not vintage, but I adore this tee quite some time, now:

Right? ^^

Anyway, I came across a very cool British clothing company's site: Lazy Oaf.

Aww.., I wish I knew how to make a moodboard on the PC!
Anybody? Please give me a hint!

AND! *dumdumdudum*
Some minutes ago I came - via, via, via, via, via - across this picture:

Wicked, right? Love the colours.
So I asked this dude how he did this and he had a special camera for it. I google'd it and it's actually not that expensive, so I really think I'm gonna buy one.
Besides, it looks good as an accesorie. *grin*

Take a look:

And that was my most euphoric moment of today. Ghehe.

Oh, some days ago I saw a picture of this dude:

I like.
He's inspiring.
And happy.
And I have almost the same shoes a he has. Haha!

That's it folks.

Llov&Peace on earth.