Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The central heating is on.

Today I took the crappy-cam to school.
Actually, I do this every day, in case I come across something I MUST capture.

Package of my "breakfast cake" [ontbijtkoek. It's typical Dutch &it's delicious.]

Central heating @ German class [mind the chewing gum. XD]

Sem, bored @ German.

Central heating @ history class [damn, those things are fascinating!]

Oh! Oh! Oh! By the way! Big fat chance my lomographic Fisheye camera [see previous post] has arrived.
There was a piece of paper in the mail box on which was stated that the mail man had tried to deliver a package, but nobody was at home to sign it.
He will try again tomorrow. I hope he is on time: before my mum leaves..
I'm exited!!

&This is what I wore today:

I didn't feel like doing any good photoshop on it.. Ghehe.

Tee - Episode
Jeans - Only
Uggs - Good Look
Scarf - stand along canal in Utrecht

The shot isn't great, i know. But it was only to show off. Ghehe.
And yeah, I know you're wondering: what the hell does she do with Uggs on?? I can imagine..
Well.., let me explain.
This summer, I spent my holidays in Scotland. And I am a sucker for anything British. So I like everything they do, everything they say [especially how they say it], everything they listen, everything they wear.
And I have detested Uggs for a very long time, but in Glasgow loads of girls were wearing them, making very cool matches with 'em.
So I instantly decided to buy a [cheap] pair for myself.
They are, actually, comfortably warm. Perfect for this season!

I did again the "be bored @ the busstop"-inspired thingy with the cam & the self reflector.
I still think it gives quite a good result:

Got to get myself to bed now.

Llov&Peace on earth.