Monday, December 15, 2008

22 Grand Job in the City is Alright.

So, here is my great topic I wanted to write about since last Wednesday.
I have made a very big fuss about it now, but I want to keep it compact, honestly.

It's about a philopher.
His name is Heidegger.

Let me tell you first, that we're currently discussing scientifical philosophy in class: how philosophy has an influence on science or the other way around.
Last Wednesday, we discussed this dude: Quine. He is a philosopher, too. How surprising.
What he said doesn't really matter now [it does matter what he says, of course, but not now, not in relation to what I want to write about], but according to our method, Quine has to be mentioned in the same breath as Wittgenstein and Heidegger.
And Heidegger, I want to tell a little [really, a little] about him, because, yeah: I really like this dude.

Basically, what Heidegger says is this: be happy with your own being.

Mr. vT. didn't tell us much more than that, and I'm too busy to do some research on it now, but basically, that's it.

Translated into normal people's language, it comes to this: be happy with the things you have.

Of course, in relation to science, this is dramatic. It wouldn't be necessary, according to Heidegger, to have any science and in this way, we would never find a cure for, e.g. AIDS.
And I really hope we will find a cure.
So, no, I don't agree with Heidegger a 100%.

BUT! When I think of one's personal life, I think it can be very helpfull.
It is to me, at least.
I can explain it with an example.

At the moment, my grandmother is in the hospital. She's very ill and she can't take care of herself anymore.
Before she went to the hospital, she lived in a residential home, but the nurses couldn't give her the care she needed, so my mother had to come around an aweful lot to take care of her.
Of course, my mum rather wanted to do nice things, instead of seeing her own mother getting worse and worse. Besides, my grandmother is not the nicest person you'll ever meet.. [No offence, it's true.]
But what kept my mum going was the thought that in a few weeks/months/years everything might be over. That my grandmother could die any time and that now, she had to take care as much as she could and that she should capture all the moments she is still able to have with her mother.

See how it relates to what Heidegger preaches?
I hope it keeps you going and/or gets you thinking.

Anyway, I really like it.
It makes me feel very happy and grateful with the life I have.
It made me feel a bit more peaceful and I needed that.
I think I'm gonna tell Mr. vT. that I like his lesson very much.
I think I'm gonna tell him tomorrow.

Llov&Peace on earth.

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