Saturday, November 29, 2008

I need to start with something, right??

So here's a random thing: my mother is at IDFA now.
The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam.
I envy her.
I love documentaries.
When she told me how much she loves documentaries I was surprised, actually.
I didn't know that.
But apparantly I inherited that fascination from her. Must be something genetically..

Damn, you must have quite an impression from me from this first blog. It seems like I don't know my mother at all.
Guess what, that's not the case.
People are fascinating and they can surprise you on the long term.
Don't forget what Kant said: you are not able to know "das Ding an sich", only "das Ding für mich".
I hope you know what I mean.
If you don't, buy a German dictionary or read about Kant: great philosopher, meant a lot to modern society (not that I know his work through and through.. Hey! I'm only a secondary school student! What do i know..?).

Anyway, next year we're going with the three of us: mum, dad & moi.
I'm looking forward to it already!! =D

For the rest, the colour of my hair (a part is blue/purple) is starting to fade already. Only after a week! Grr!
&I discovered that my jersey had little bags. Nice. I like. =)

Well.., I guess that's all the flubabiduwab for now folks.

Llov&Peace on earth.